Super Bowl Streamed Live On Chinese Social Media Weibo

The Super Bowl 2017 is one of the greatest editions of all time, given the fact that the New England Patriots managed to conquer one of the most incredible comebacks ever seen, to the point in which it was the first time that an event of this kind was decided in extra time. Believe it or not, in every single detail that this Super Bowl had to offer, the most important was that it was also watched and enjoyed in China, given the fact that this event was streamed on live in the popular Chinese social media Weibo.

Offering The Super Bowl On Its Platform Was A Great Move By Weibo

Naturally, this not only represents a huge leap in the NFL´s popularity in Asia´s largest market, but also an incredible move from Weibo, given the fact that the Super Bowl is definitely the most viewed sports event in the U.S., and one of the most popular in the world. Of course, being part of it is something that could definitely increase its widely-known popularity in China, in which the platform has an estimated 132 million daily users.

This Weibo´s move provided its users a great opportunity to enjoy and share live games, and considering that this was probably the most exciting Super Bowl in the history, it can be said that it was also one of the greatest moments for Weibo since it was created. In fact, in addition to this social media network, Chinese smartphone maker Huawei also took advantage of this event´s benefits and showed a commercial of its Mate 9 handset, which clearly shows the way in which this brand wants to make a major hit in the U.S. market.

A Great Opportunity For Chinese Tech Companies

This edition of the Super Bowl was enjoyed by Weibo´s users through their mobile devices or tablets, being the best exemplification of how technology has got to the point in which you can watch a live game through a cellphone. Naturally, considering how many U.S. business wants to take the leap to the Chinese markets, is expected that this could represent great news for China´s tech companies, and of course, what happened with Weibo and the Super Bowl is just the greatest evidence.

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