'WWE 2K17' News: What Are The New Features Included In Patch 1.06?

By Shayne Caravana , Feb 06, 2017 09:52 AM EST

WWE 2K17 will be updated sgain. 2K just revealed the upcoming fixes that will be added in the game. The players are excited with the game improvements they will see because of several issues that they have encountered with the game.

Latest DLC  In WWE 2K17 Has Been Updated

Patch 1.06 in WWE 2K17 will focus on updating the Hall of Fame Showcase DLC. According to IB Times, the players will be able to reminisce what it is like playing in nostalgic arenas. Other than that, the issues regarding syncing  with other DLCs will be resolved.

2K is making sure that all the DLCs will not have any problems because they are very essential to WWE 2K17. The developer also introduced new moves for popular wrestlers such as Tye Dillinger and Austin Aries. The developer is very positive that this will make the game more interesting.

The whole team is very focused in making sure that Hall of Fame Showcase will be the best DLC in WWE 2K17 because it is the last DLC that will be released in the game. Hopefully, players will appreciate what 2K has done to the game.

Other Game Fixes In WWE 2K17

As per iDigital Times, the patch 1.06 have not only updated the last DLC of the game but also improved the gameplay. The issue that players have been experiencing unstable gameplay when perfoming Dirty Pin has been fixed.

The players commented that whenever they have been trying to perform corner comeback moves, the execution is not allowed. Thanks to patch 1.06, the issue has been resolved. The players noticed that the stamina of the wrestlers decreased faster but 2K has addressed it already.

Next, the players can now do different rope attacks that they cannot do before in WWE 2K17. The Major Reversal icon will not appear all of a sudden. The online connection is fixed whenever the players try to play 6-Man features in WWE Live.

The players are overjoyed when 2K released patch 1.06 for WWE 2K17. Hopefully, the game will not encounter any problems because the developer made sure that the game will be flawless than before. Also, the developer is positive that the DLC will be the best one in the game.

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