Ubisoft Plans To Have 50-100 Operators For Rainbow Six Siege

By Sarene Mae Butao , Feb 07, 2017 04:40 AM EST

Many are asking as to when the new game modes for Rainbow Six Siege will be introduced. Last year, players were tasked to rescue the same hostages, defuse the same bombs, and secure the same areas repeatedly. As compared to Titanfall 2, which has nine modes and more, it seems to be slightly comparable. However, in the preview event that was held in Montreal, Canada, Rainbow Six Siege creative director Xavier Marquis made it clear in his message that when it comes to new game modes, it is something that they are not interested to do.

It seems to disappoint more players who are expecting different variations for the game, however, Ubisoft is sure that the new game modes will continue the fun for Siege. It is also important to know that the new game modes might be a reason why Siege will not be as fun as it is just like how it began. Marquis said that the map can be different, its operators can be also different yet they need something static which is the Siege mode. He even said that Siege is the center of everything, according to Game Rant.

No operator does it better like what makes Siege completely unique like Valkyrie. This omniscient operator has the capacity to put cameras around the map, that if placed effectively, it gives the same experience of wallhacking. Brand director Alexandre Remy explains that they are working constantly on looking and prototyping. However, they decided that there are some foundations to Siege that they would want to keep like attack versus defense, operators, destructions, and having only one life. Furthermore, he said that those are the DNA of the game. Siege is the game's own mode. As reported by PC Gamer, those concepts exceed a lot of the traditional multiplayer modes that players are so used to like team deathmatch.


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