First Look At The 'Volvo S90 T6'; Features Classy And Elegant Futuristic Design

The brand new Volvo S90 is similar to a tailor-made suit; it fits just right, balancing sharp lines with such elegance and comfort. It feels just right, like what a nice suit and a flagship sedan are supposed to.

The Elegance Of The S90

According to TheDetroitNews, the S90 has been a constant finalist for many "Car of the Year" awards at a time when there is a rebirth in the luxury flagship sedan segment. BMW redesigned its 7 Series intended for 2016; same did the Cadillac for its CT6.

About The S90

The S90 shares similar architecture to the XC90 crossover, which dominated many 2015 Car of the Year lists. The sedan is low and wide, with an athletic structure, with large 20-inch wheels - an extra $1,010 over the standard 19-inch rollers - that further buffs up its profile.

Why The S90 Is Amazing

The Volvo S90 T6 is very quiet and smooth, and though there are a lot more powerful and faster vehicle options, the super- and turbocharged four-cylinder engine drives every wheel with enough get-up to efficiently go at any speed rate.

Overall it truly feels easy and effortless when the driving is smooth and very responsive when the driver wants bigger, better, and faster more from the three different drive settings. It's a very fitting kind of adaptability thanks, in part, to the fast and quick eight-speed automatic transmission.

While there are a lot more powerful powertrains out there, the Volvo S90 does an amazing and admirable job of providing both punch and efficiency, with an EPA-rated 25 MPG combined. According to CarAndDriver, the S90 is not a sports car, and drivers who are expecting some tighter dynamics should steer toward the Germans' performance lines.

Overall, the Volvo S90 T6 is more about looking good and feeling good. It is a car made for the future, no doubt about it.

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