Halo 2 And Destiny Writer Working On Crackdown 3

Writer Joseph Staten who worked on Destiny and Halo 2 confirms that he is working on the Crackdown 3 story. He stated that the game captures the classic Crackdown feel. Although the the trailer for Crackdown 3 does not focus on the story of the game, it has been confirmed that it will be set in the future of the first Crackdown and is an alternative timeline to Crackdown 2 however little else is known about the game.

Publishers at Microsoft Studios and developers Reagent Games, Sumo Digital and Cloudgine have put the games’ multiplayer center stage. Crackdown 3 multiplayer will include destructible environments. Joseph Staten who has written for both Halo 2 and Destiny as well as the novel Halo: Contact Harvest which is a New York Times bestseller, confirmed that he is now working on Crackdown 3.

Staten is also the creative director of Microsoft Studios Global Publishing. He confirmed that he got to do a little writing on Crackdown 3 and that he is set to visit Crackdown 3’s development team who are based in the UK. When asked by a fan of what is going on in the game, Staten replied that the development is going great and that the game is super fun to play and that the developers have really captured the classic Crackdown feel of the game.

Many of the fans will be glad that Staten is putting his talents to Crackdown 3. Staten has worked on the in-game cinematics for three Halo games including Halo 3. Some players might point to Destiny’s story as a cause for concern as the game’s narrative was criticized for being confusing to some and feels disjointed as reported by GameRant.

Staten had joined Microsoft in 2014 after leaving Bungie. It was revealed that Joseph Staten would be a narrative consultant for Microsoft and helping with various projects across Microsoft Studios. Staten’s latest work will be with Crackdown 3 as published by Xbox Achievements.

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