Uncharted 4 New Patch Brings Out New Survival Hardcore

Gamers who are looking for harder challenges in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End are in for a treat. Naughty Dog has launched a Hardcore mode for the game as part of Uncharted 4’s newest update. Notes from the official patch says that Hardcore mode is a new, intensely difficult tier that gives players only once chance to make it through all 50 waves and with higher stakes. A team that gets wiped out will have to go back all the way to the start.

Naughty Dog stated that the hardcore mode is not for players who are faint of heart. Close teamwork, skill and careful strategies will be needed to win. Classic mode for Uncharted 4’s beta test playlist will also be in the newest patch. The back-to-basics mode will not have any Sidekicks, store or Mysticals. A new ranked and qualifier systems will also be in the latest update as reported by GameSpot.

The new ranked season is introducing new rewards and improvement to progression. This season, players will get a to earn a new set of Ranked weapon skins that will complement the Ranked Trucker Shades, Hats and bandanas from prior seasons. Gold rank players or higher will also get a special Ranked Huzzah taunt. Improvements on the Qualifier and Master Rank systems will also be made. Qualifiers will focus on earned points rather than matches won.

The Master Rank will have points earned based on matches. This way a player will progress solely on their own performance. The latest patch will also feature a number of bug fixes and balance changes. All bosses will now avoid Indra’s Eternity and El Dorado Mysticals, increase costs for grenades, C4 and mine arsenal costs, reduced ammo for stoner, reduced costs of Heavy weapons in the arsenal and many more changes which will be introduced with the release of the latest patch as published by Naughty Dog.

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