'Diablo 3' News: What Will Be Included In Rise Of The Necromancer DLC?

Players are excited for the release of Rise of the Necromancer DLC in Diablo 3. However, Blizzard spills minimal information about what is new in the Necromancer character. Fortunately, there are several details about the inclusions that the developer has revealed.

What Is New With Rise Of The Necromancer DLC In Diablo 3?

The Necromancers dubbed to be the new playable class in the game will be one male and one female. But the developer did not reveal how the female nephalem will be different from the male. However, there will be no special forms for the upcoming class unlike the Barbarian and Wizard.

Blizzard is not yet sure if it will add a special form for them. Also, the characters will be accompanied with four to five golemns. Travis Day, senior designer, said that Blood Golemn will also be making a comeback in Diablo 3. 

The players will also have two additional character slots, in-game pet and two stash tabs for PC. There is a possibility that the Skeleton Mages and Skeleton Archers will be returning.  Blizzard said that the team will announce an update as to what will officially be added in the content.

How Will Necromncers Work In Diablo 3?

The players are curious on how the Necromancers be different from Diablo 2. But one thing is for sure, the characters will be using blood and bones. Of course, they will be using the darkest arts because that is how they will be able to control the corpses.

Blizzard said that it is planning to add legendary items and weapons for the Necromancers. The weapons are the essentials that the characters will be needing in order to defend themselves. The nephalems will be holding a scythe. 

The players must not forget to have the Reaper of Souls in order to access the Rise of the Necromancer DLC in Diablo 3. That is the first and most important requirement that Blizzard keeps on reminding the players in order to unlock the soon-to-be released DLC.

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