Male Birth Control Breakthrough: Gel-Based Vasectomy Trial Becomes Successful

When we talk about birth control for men, there are really only two options: condoms or a vasectomy. However, a new product may prove to be an alternative. A breakthrough product, Vasalgel, had successful test in monkey, and this could mean that it's not far from giving the same success to humans.

The Latest Trial Shows Vasalgel Is Very Effective In Preventing Contraception

The reason why contraception for men only comes down to a few options is due mainly to biological reason. Preventing a single egg from reaching its destination once every month is far easier than blocking the daily production of millions of sperm cells. The second reason is because there is not much funding to develop male birth control drugs.

Thankfully, men may have another option now that Parsemus Foundation, the company behind Vasalgel, announced that success in the product's trial. According to The Guardian, Vasalgel is designed to be a reversible and less invasive form of vasectomy. The latest study shows that the product is 100 percent effective at preventing contraception. To use, just a blob of gel is injected into the sperm-carrying tube, also known as the vas deferens, and it acts as a long-lasting barrier.

Researchers Hope To Revise Vasalgel Plug To Restore Men's Fertility Easily

US News Health reported that the gel doesn't break down. Lead researcher Catherine VandeVoort said that it just sets up a little more, and sticks where you inject it. Sixteen male rhesus macaque monkeys injected with the non-hormonal gel have proven the products effectiveness, study finding shows. Female monkeys were housed together with the male species for at least one breeding season, and not one of them got pregnant.

Researchers hope to revise the Vasalgel plug so that a simpler solution of water and baking soda would flush it out of the vas deferens. This could easily restore a man's fertility. The team is now looking for funding to move to the next step in primates, which will be to test reversibility of this male birth control breakthrough.

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