Abortion Pills Sent Thru Mail To Test Safety On Women

Women in four states who are part of a closely-watched study about medical abortions  are receiving abortion pills in their mailboxes.  Researchers are tracking women who terminate a pregnancy at home to test the safety of the practice.   Hawaii, New York, Oregon, and Washington are participating in the research.

Result Of The Test Is Promising

Patients from three participating abortion clinics participate in a video consultation with a clinician and complete blood work, ultrasound, and other tests to determine eligibility.  They are then given Mifepristone and misoprostol - mifepristone (marketed as Mifeprex), is typically taken in a doctor's office while the second, misoprostol, is given to the woman to take at home the next day.

Elizabeth Raymond, MD, principal investigator at study sponsor Gynuity said that the safety and efficiency of the combined telemedicine/mail-order system is confirmed, and FDA might loosen restrictions on mifepristone.  "All kinds of dangerous drugs are prescribed and available at pharmacies, including drugs for heart disease and Viagra," she said. "There is no justification for why this safe drug should not be in pharmacies now."

Pro-Life Advocates Are Not Happy

Carol Tobias, president of the National Right to Life Committee raised concerns about the abortion process.  "If pills are sent through the mail, who are they supposed to call if they have a problem? There are serious downsides from the pills, and just talking to someone over a computer and sending pills in the mail, to me, that is just reckless." she said. 

"We have grave concerns about handing out dangerous, life-ending drugs without medical supervision because women face great risks for chemical abortions," said Kristi Hamrick, spokeswoman for Americans United for Life.

Concerns of anti-abortion groups may well carry greater momentum in Washington in the coming months with Republicans controlling both chambers of Congress and Donald Trump winning the presidency on a sharply anti-abortion platform.

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