Microsoft AI Unit's New APIs Improve Content Moderation And Speech-To-Text Capabilities

By Victor Thomson , Feb 08, 2017 03:01 AM EST
The AI division of Microsoft boosts the quality of company's services. (Photo : Tech Nation/YouTube)

Microsoft's new Artificial Intelligence and Research Group announced that its Microsoft Cognitive Services includes now 25 tools forming the backbone for Cortana digital assistant and the Skype Translator.

Microsoft Boosts AI Capabilities Of Its Services

According to Hot Hardware, two of the new APIs created by the company's new Artificial Intelligence and Research Group are the Content Moderator and Bing Speech. Bing Speech is capable of both converting text to speech and translating speech into text. Microsoft's speech recognition technology uses language and acoustic models to in order to distinguish between similar-sounding words and to customize its services for a specific language.

In order to narrow the focus of the recognition engine, a Custom Speech Service lets developers supply their own data. More focused systems can perform better. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology made it possible to create software that is knowledgeable about the physical world by observing people, listening and reacting. In terms of making interfaces more natural and human, this approach provides an excellent breakthrough.

The other AI app, the Content Moderator, can automatically scan through text, images and videos to filter out offending content such as hate speech, nudity, foul language etc. This app could help automate the duties of a forum moderator. The text moderation is capable of intelligently sniff out phishing URLs as well as sifting through potentially offensive content in over 100 languages.

Microsoft To Create World's First AI Supercomputer

According to Learn Bonds, the high-tech company is also on the verge of creating the first AI supercomputer in the world. Satya Nadella, the firm's CEO and lead visionary, believes that goal will be achieved through Microsoft's booming cloud services. The company's chief executive is particularly backing Microsoft's AI and Azure units.

The American software company was, in fact, late in joining the competition of the Amazon Web Services. But despite this delay in entering the cloud market, Microsoft's ventures gained market shares at considerable rates. The new cloud-AI bid of the Microsoft Corporation might be truly set for success rates that will conquer the cloud niche.

The company has become a formidable competitor in the race to secure the top position in global AI and cloud solutions. According to Nadella, Microsoft is among the few companies that position at the cutting-edge of AI technologies. The projects undergone by Microsoft to boost its AI infrastructure are proving successful, transforming the company in an AI superpower.

At this point, Microsoft has multiple advantages over its rivals. Its CEO claims that this is due, in part, because IBM, Amazon and Google are less focused on the more important aspects of AI and cloud solutions. One of these important aspects of could and AI is, for instance, how the software should ideally interact with people.

Microsoft is seeking to accelerate its growth as an artificial intelligence superpower by securing several startups operating in the AI niche. The same strategy is followed by Google and Amazon. By acquiring rising companies in the realm of AI solutions, Microsoft gains greater exposure to its own services and more expertise in the field.

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