E-Cigarette Liquids Found To Have Toxic Metals

E-cigarettes have been controversial. Although they are seen as an alternative to cigarettes, the ingredients used for it are not yet seen to be fully safe. A study says that e-cigarette liquids are found to have toxic metals.

The study has examined five different brands of e-cigarette liquids for such elements like lead, cadmium, chromium, manganese and nickel. E-cigarette liquids also have nicotine well as flavorings. Researchers have found that all five elements are present in the e-cigarette liquids studied.

While all five metals have been found, the levels vary between brands. Despite that, all five metals are known to either be carcinogenic or toxic. Lead author of the study Ana Maria Rule, Ph.D., MHS and assistant scientist at John Hopkins University has said that while research is not sure yet whether the levels are dangerous, the presence of the metals in the e-cigarette liquids can be a cause for concern.

She has said that the metals on the coils that heat the liquids can be toxic as well. The fumes that are created can then be potentially toxic as well. While e-cigarettes are being regulated, there are still no warnings concerning its use, according to the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

The study has focused on liquids for first generation e-cigarettes. The first generation models look more like conventional cigarettes than later models, which makes them different. First generation e-cigarettes have the liquid stored together with the coil instead of a cartridge in later models. This makes the liquids more exposed to the coil, even without heating it.

The liquids that were tested were extracted from the e-cigarettes and have not been heated yet, as Science Daily reports. One brand has been tested to have very high levels of all five metals. The said brand has 400 times the amount of nickel that can be found from the one that has the lowest amount in it. Nickel is said to one of the most carcinogenic compounds among them.

Rule has suggested that the e-cigarette liquids should also be regulated because of the ingredients found in them. There is much to be known still about e-cigarettes and their safety. E-cigarette liquids are found to have toxic metals. A study has also found vaping can increase the risk of heart disease.

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