Losing Weight Also Depends On The Environment

By Rodney Rafols , Feb 03, 2017 02:51 AM EST

Losing weight can be hard on people. People who try to lose weight also depend on others for support. A study shows that losing weight also depends on the environment.

Support and encouragement would motivate many people into losing weight. People around those who try to do so might be doing more harm than good, and could even be unintentionally be doing it. This has been found in a study made by researchers from North Carolina State University.

Friends and family have a part if someone fails or succeeds in losing weight. This is the contention of Lnysey Romo, lead author of the study and an assistant professor of Communication from North Carolina State University. The study has Romo interview 40 people who have been formerly obese. 21 of those interviewed were women and 19 were men. The average weight loss of the group has been about 76.9 pounds.

The people who have been interviewed have stated that others have tried to undermine their weight loss effort in one form or another. Those who were interviewed say that they had techniques to deal with the negativity with their weight loss effort. This includes different communication strategies to cope with negative perception.

These techniques range from people eating smaller portions of unhealthy food in order to mitigate the impact of a change in lifestyle. Another way is to accept food from people but not eat it. Others give excuses to those around them as to why they are making lifestyle changes, according to NC State News.

The study has shown that relationships can be just as important and have an impact in weight loss, as Science Daily reports. This could take stress off from people who are losing weight, though they could also add more stress if people around them view it in a negative way. The success of a weight loss regimen then depends on both the one doing it as well as the people around.

Weight loss is a big undertaking, especially for those who are obese. Support is needed for those who are doing it. Losing weight also depends on the environment. A study has also shown that children's BMI can have an impact later on.

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