Pokemon Duel Winning Strategy Guide: How To Defeat Opponent Quickly

Pokemon Duel is a mobile strategy game that shares similarities to other popular board games. Using the right strategy or moves can help players beat their opponents quickly.

Pokemon Duel Is About Winning

This Pokemon game involves lots of battle but that should not distract players from the ultimate goal which is winning. Players win the game by putting their Pokemon on the opponent's side. At the same time, users should also guard their own goal from the opposing player.

Take Advantage Of Plates

Pokemon Duel gives out six points to players for Plates. Make sure to use these abilities well since they are automatically replaced by the next battle. Failure to use them may result in defeat.

Deny Enemy Reinforcements

Occupying an enemy spawn point will prevent the opposing player from bringing in additional Pokemon in the game. This strategy though will work if opponent does not have enough pieces or not powerful enough to launch a counterattack.

Strengthen Pokemon While Calculating Odds

Pokemon Duel players can strengthen their pieces by evolving them during battle if possible. A guide on how to do this is also available. At the same time, players must make sure which pieces are good for battle or running.

Carefully Place The Pieces

As mentioned earlier, Pokemon Duel's gameplay is almost the same as checkers. Surrounding enemy pieces by flanking both their sides can provide an easy victory. At the same time, users should also make sure that they're not to fall in the same trap. Do not place pieces in corners where enemy can surround them and kick them out.

About Pokemon Duel

Pokemon Duel is also a mobile game like Pokemon GO but it focuses more on battles rather than collecting. It's a free-to-play game that is also available on iOS and Android. Players though would need gold to power up their Pokemon through Figure Fusion. A video preview of this game is available here.

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