‘Arrow’ Season 5 Spoilers And Updates: Oliver, Felicity Going To Russia To Link Multiple Storylines

Oliver will go to Russia to fulfill a mission with Felicity accompanying him in the next episode of "Arrow" season 5. The nature of their mission will be shown in detail in the upcoming episode. This episode is entitled "Bratva" and is supposed to be a tie-up for multiple storylines that were started since season 5 premiered.

"Arrow" Season 5 Showed Flashbacks Of Bratva

There were several flashbacks of "Arrow" season 5 that were supposed to have happened in Russia in the previous episodes. But the upcoming episode will be set in the present. From the promotional description that CW released recently, Oliver will be reunited with Anatoly, an old friend. Apparently, Anatoly will help Oliver fulfill his mission.

But who is going to man the roost while the king and queen are gone? Rene or Wild Dog will have to maintain Oliver's headquarters intact while most of his teammates are in Russia. But for how long? Fans will just have to wait for the story of the next episode of "Arrow" season 5 unfolds.

The Next Episode Will Resolve Past Storylines

Marc Guggenheim, the executive producer of the hit TV series stated in an interview that the next episode of "Arrow" season 5 will resolve past storylines. He also revealed that the upcoming episode is designed to be a climactic hour. Guggenheim hopes that fans of the show will be able to tie several loose ends and arrive at a certain conclusion.

Fans Are Told To Watch Out For General Walker

He also suggested for avid followers of the show to watch out for the storyline of General Walker in the next episode. The showrunner said that they have devoted the whole episode to unraveling the General's storyline. He also explained that they have a reason for plotting the prison's return of Diggle in "Arrow" season 5.

Guggenheim was enthusiastic about the next episode of "Arrow" season 5 because it ties in conveniently with Oliver's and Felicity's storylines. He added that the next episode will also relate to Diggle's storyline particularly with the last season of his brother. The upcoming episode is set to run on Wednesday, 8 p.m. at CW.

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