Twitter Trolls' Heydays Coming To An End

By Justin Lee , Feb 08, 2017 06:54 AM EST

Twitter trolls are being targeted by the social media network's new updates. Apparently, Twitter had enough of these people and now the social media platform has announced three new updates that will reduce the possibility of abusive contents in the network. Here's what's new with Twitter's updates.

Twitter Anti-troll First Update: Disable Trolls' Ability To Create New Accounts

As per Android Authority, the first thing Twitter wants to do is to avoid suspended users from creating new accounts. Most of the time, opening a new account is users' go-to response to suspension and most of the trolls also have multiple accounts to execute their harassment more intensely on the social media network. Needless to say, Twitter is putting an end to this by disabling the suspended users from creating more accounts. How the company will do it, they did not explain. Nevertheless, this step would be highly appreciated by legit and guiltless Twitter users.

Twitter Anti-troll Second Update: Improve Search Filters

Twitter also improved the network's searching feature. Tweets that have sensitive content and those made by muted or blocked accounts will no longer appear in the search results. The content, however, will still be visible to the account's followers and to the people who would go directly to the tweet.

Twitter Anti-troll Third Update: Collapse Low-Quality Replies

The last measure that Twitter wants to succeed in is collapsing abusive and low-quality replies from the home feed. What the social networking site wants to happen is to make sure that non-spammy and non-abusive contents are prioritized. Neowin says that this measure will allow the relevant content to be highlighted while the potentially abusive ones will be collapsed and be accessed elsewhere. Needless to say, this part of Twitter's new goals is quite tricky and only sounds easy in theory. Hopefully ,the company is able to work on this properly so as to remove abusive messages from the network.

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