Lady Gaga´s Drones Show Set A Turning Point In Entertainment Events

Lady Gaga - Million Reasons (Lady Gaga's Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show)
Even when Lady Gaga´s performance was quite outstandin, the Super Bow LIX halftime will always be remembered as one of the most important moments in the history of technology in entertainment events. Photo : LadyGagaVEVO/YouTube

Although the Super Bowl LIX was framed in the way in which the New England Patriots made one of the greatest comebacks in the history, one of the most unforgettable moments will definitely be the halftime, in which Lady Gaga shook the world with an outstanding performance.In addition to have delivered her best songs and an astonishing choreography, it also a marvelous show of 300 drones that set a turning point in the history of this major event.

Shooting Star Drone Squad Was The Main Attraction In Lady Gaga´s Show

Even when many people has their own favorite Super Bowl halftime, the drones´ formation that we saw on this one was so unbelievable that this tech device will definitely be used once again as the main attraction in this kind of shows. Somehow, this Super Bowl was the major leap that drones needed to prove that they can be wider than everyone thinks, setting the beginning of a new era in which technology will definitely be more involved than ever in entertainment events.

The thing about Lady Gaga´s Super Bowl halftime is that 300 drones flew in formation over the Houston skyline, ducking, dodging and transforming from stars to a fluttering flag. This kind of drone´s dance is called Shooting Star, and the most incredible detail is that each device is about a foot long square, weighs just over eight ounces, sports a plastic and foam body to soften inadvertent impacts, and far from being controlled by many people, each drone communicated wirelessly with a central computer in order to perform its dance routine.

Believe it or not, even when this was something groundbreaking for the 160 million people that watched Lady Gaga´s Super Bowl halftime, the Shooting Star drone squad recently finished a three-week run at Disney World, and last year 500 synchronized drones done the same in Sydney. Of course, even when this clearly show the way in which this performance already had a successful background, it needed to be done in a colossal event in order to become a show that people would love to see.

Intel Is The Main Player Behind This

The company behind these drone´s shows is Intel, and even when in the last years this tech giant has been overshadowed by many of its competitors, is expected that the increase of this performances will definitely increase its power in the business, given the fact that this has been one of its biggest bets, and it seem that the result will be seen in less than expected. In fact, Intel just explained that the Shooting Star performance could be expanded from 300 or 500 drones to 10,000, which would definitely be one of the most incredible shows ever seen by humanity.

Naturally, far from being something from one moment to the next, Intel has been working on this program for the past two years, and even when its first moments were not exactly great, it managed to turn into the main player of something that will be extremely popular in the midterm. Somehow, we´re staring at the rise of this company in the drone´s business.

Getting to this point is quite incredible to notice how Lady Gaga´s Super Bowl halftime will be remembered forever, not only as an incredible event but also as the first major moment in which drones became the center of attention in entertainment events. In fact, what´s even more incredible on Intel, is that this company is also planning to extend drone´s operations to other fields as rescue operations. Let´s hope this could actually happen.

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