Elon Musk Pushed The Muslim Ban On Top Of His Meeting Agenda With The White House

Unlike many other times in his groundbreaking career, Tesla´s boss Elon Musk has been in the spotlight for quite uncomfortable reasons, given the fact that while many tech leaders has stood against president Trump´s Muslim ban, and some of his advisory council has resigned, Musk decided to stay in this position, despite the incredible numbers of criticism he has received. However, what seems as a really clever move, is that the tech entrepreneur has taken advantage of his role in Trump´s team and in addition, to advise him on this controversial subject.

Elon Musk Joined Tech World´s Stance Against Trump

In an unexpected action for many who believed that Elon Musk supported the president, his own companies Tesla and Space X took a bolder position against the administration, as part of 31 new signatories to an amicus brief that stand against Trump's Muslim ban. This way, Musk joins other major tech giants like Apple, Google and Facebook, as part of the companies that supports the lawsuit filed in federal court last Monday that asked that key provisions of the executive order be declared unconstitutional.

He Promised To Keep The Muslim As Number One Priority

Clearly, this move represents the way in which Elon Musk promised last Friday to push the Muslim ban to the top of his meeting agenda with the president on Saturday. Apparently, Musk kept his word on this reunion, given the fact that former General Electric CEO Jack Welch confirmed that in addition to the immigration subject, Tesla´s boss also discussed several points about women´s issues, as well as some debates regarding job creation and regulation.

On his position in Trump´s advisory team, one of the most particular aspects of Elon Musk is that just like the president, he loves to use Twitter to express everything he wants to. In fact, he recently explained that Trump needed to have moderate voices on his team, and celebrated the decision to block the immigration executive order, claiming that Americans must be proud of their judicial system. Although he was extremely criticized in the last days, it seems that Elon Musk decision to stay with Trump will be quite interesting.

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