Overwatch Update: Game Director Reveals Future Features for Custom Games

By Alessia Amherst , Feb 09, 2017 04:00 AM EST

Following the major "Overwatch" PTR changes, game director Jeff Kaplan shares more details about important future updates regarding custom games. On the other hand, the latest update might have hinted something about the next hero.

Saving and Duplicating Custom Games

Fans were given much more creative freedom following the inclusion of server browsers and better custom game options. Furthermore, the iconic "Capture the Flag" is now available as a stable mode in the game. However, the issue still remains that fans do not have the option to save or store their custom games.

Luckily, PVP Live reports that Jeff Kaplan has already taken note of this. In the game's official forum, he claimed that Blizzard is working on a way to let players save their own presets. That way, they will not have to go through the hassle of having to set up the exact settings all over again. Similarly, Blizzard is also trying to find a way to "clone" other custom games so other players can save any modes they like.

It is worth noting that having to specifically tweak certain conditions to create a personalized game is quite a tedious activity. There are tons of options to choose from as Blizzard has tried to make the customization as specific as possible. Until then, players will have to manually take note the changes they made for their custom game.

Datamined Model Hints Upcoming "Overwatch" Hero?

That aside, the new PTR Update also brought in a possible clue regarding the highly-speculated hero: Doomfist. For those unfamiliar with the lore and maps of the game, the Numbani payload is actually carrying a gauntlet that belongs to Doomfist, a weapon that Widowmaker and Reaper tried to steal during one of the animated CGIs. The weapon is encased in a protective glass as it simply floats around inside.

However, a new payload model data-mined from the PTR reveals broken shards of glass on the payload, as per Mashable. This heavily implies that either the payload was damaged during a fight or someone is trying to steal the gauntlet. While still not in the game, there is a chance that the model will be used in future updates. Fans can play "Overwatch" on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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