Overwatch PTR Update: Here's The List Of All The Latest Changes Including Server Browsers

The latest "Overwatch" PTR Update brings in a slew of new buffs for characters like Bastion, D.Va and even Mercy. Furthermore, Blizzard has finally included the feature of server browsers giving players the freedom to craft more personal games.

"Overwatch" PTR Update Includes The Major Bastion Changes

PVP Live shares a list of the new changes with the spotlight focusing on the highly-anticipated Bastion buff. In Sentry mode, the deploy time has been reduced from 1.5 to 1.0 seconds while the bullet spread increased by 50 percent. Similarly, the bullet spread is now always at maximum while the magazine is now 300 from the previous 200. However, he can no longer land headshots in this mode as well as deal any critical damage.

On the other hand, the Recon mode spread has decreased by 25 percent while the magazine size is now 25. Moreover, he can now self-repair while moving and it is no longer interrupted when taking damage (similar to Roadhog's healing ability). The ability is now also accessible via secondary fire (was the second ability) and has a "resource meter" that depletes when using the skill and recharges automatically.

Finally, Bastion's Tank mode no longer grants bonus armor. Although, the robot gains a new ability called "Ironclad" wherein Bastion takes 35 percent less damage while in Sentry or Tank configuration. The developers wanted to transfer some of Bastion's power from Sentry to Recon while making the robot a strong opponent against tanks and barriers.

D.Va and Mercy Gets Additional Buffs

That aside, D.Va's defense matrix no longer has a minimum distance when blocking projectiles. Keep in mind that she still cannot block Roadhog's hook but can absorb other projectiles instantly. Following this, Mercy has been granted a buff that grants her and revived teammates temporary invulnerability when she casts her ultimate ability. Moreover, her staff no longer targets Zenyatta when Transcendence is active.

Meanwhile, allies can now target Mei when she uses her Cryo-Freeze. Torbjorn also gets a minor change as his ammo now reloads a bit earlier during the animation. Lastly, the other changes revolve around adjusting targeting sensitivity: Ana's Nano Boost, Mercy's beam and Guardian Angel, Sombra's Hack, Widowmaker's Grappling Hook, Zary'a Projected Barrier and Zenyatta's Harmony/Discord orbs.

Changes in the Various Maps

The "Overwatch" PTR Update also balances the castle door in Eichenwald as it will no longer close. Instead, rubble will fall from the damaged doorway instead which gives attacking players some leeway to go around it. Torbjorn can now also craft turrets on the stairs in Oasis and highlight intros that clip into the roof of a building in Lijiang Tower are now fixed.

The Addition of Server Browsers and Expanded Capture the Flag Mode

On a different note, Blizzard finally included the feature of server browsers, as per PC Gamer. This feature will list all the custom games in each region while including various filter options to find a specific "mode." The current Capture the Flag mode is now also a staple game mode and will be available for other maps like Nepal, Illos and Oasis.

Blizzard will continue to add new patches and various changes to continue supporting the title. For now, fans can try out these "Overwatch" PTR update by downloading the Public Test Region of the game. Those who want to try out "overwatch" can play the game on the PC, PS4 and Xbox one.

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