Red Cross Blood Donations In Desperate Need Of Donors

By Donna Bellevue , Feb 09, 2017 01:50 AM EST

The American Red Cross blood donations this winter have fallen so low that they are urgently looking for donors. According to the organization, more than 111,000 lives are at risk this winter due to lack of blood supply. They are now calling for blood donors to make an appointment so that patients can continue to receive life-saving treatments.

In the past 2 months, blood donations have fallen drastically, says the Red Cross. The organization reports that blood donations from them provide about 40 percent of blood supply to hospitals. However, due to severe winter weather, icy roads, and hectic holiday schedules, Red Cross blood donations have gone down about 37,000 fewer in November and December.

In January, the organization have lost more than 3,100 blood donations. Furthermore, several blood drives were shut down recently due to severe weather and snow storms, making it hard for those who had planned to give blood. Nearly 100 blood drives were cancelled, and more than 3,000 blood donations went uncollected in Minnessota, The Oconee Enterprise reports.

It's important to note that each of these donations has the potential to save three lives. With the current loss of blood donations, the total endangered lives over lack of blood supply goes up to 111,000. “The need for blood doesn’t pause for severe weather. It’s constant,” Nick Gehrig, communications director for Red Cross Blood Services, says.

Gehrig stresses that blood and platelet donations are being distributed to hospitals faster than they are coming in and that eligible donors of all blood types are critically needed, the Paste reports. Making a blood donation usually only takes about an hour. During this Red Cross blood donation shortage, it’s important to recognize that the need for blood, platelets, and plasma is continuous, and it is going to take thousands of volunteers in order to reverse the problem.

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