New Windows 10 Update Preview Comes With Lock Down Option And Compact Overlay

By Edge Ison , Feb 09, 2017 05:08 AM EST

Microsoft has released a preview of its new Windows 10 update for PCs.

The Windows 10 beta update otherwise known as Insider Build 15031 was released on Windows Developer Day held on Feb. 8 and includes two new impressive features - the Dynamic Lock and Compact Overlay.

Dynamic Lock

The Dynamic Lock feature allows the user to lock down his or her computer when he or she needs to leave for a while. This solves one of the biggest problems in the office - co-workers pranking others by messing with their PCs. The Dynamic Lock is actually optional but many will probably be taking advantage of this new feature.

PC World describes how Dynamic Lock works. The PC's Windows and the user's phone are paired through Bluetooth. Once paired, the computer can tell if the owner is no longer around and will then lock itself. The users should have the paired Bluetooth smartphone on their persons when they leave the PC. Windows will know if the phone is no longer in range and will lock the PC after 30 seconds.

Compact Overlay Window

The new Compact Overlay feature from the Windows 10 test version is a great way to converse with someone while doing other stuff on the computer. Users can have a Skype window open while a movie plays on Netflix and another window is showing the news. In other words, this is a great tool for multi-taskers.

CNET pointed out that Microsoft is focused on developing Windows as evidenced by the continuous flow of updates on both computers and mobile devices. In fact, the Windows 10 Creators Update released late last year provided 3D features and 4K video game streaming. CNET also stressed that PC sales continue to decrease which is indicative that such impressive new features like the Dynamic Lock, Compact Overlay and others brought about by previous updates are not enough to spike up interest in computers.

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