Windows 10 Free Update Provides 3D Feature And 4K Streaming For Everyone

Microsoft is offering 3D features and 4K video game streaming to all its patrons for free. The new features are available in the upcoming updated edition of the Windows 10 operating system.

The free Windows 10 update dubbed as the Creators Update was unveiled in a New York event on Wednesday. The update will be available sometime on the first half of 2017.

The 3D creation and edition tool will be embedded in a number of applications including Paint and PowerPoint. BBC describes how a 2D drawing made with a stylus were automatically turned into a 3D graphic by the software. The new 3D Paint can now add photographic elements or animation to the design.

Microsoft endorsed tech companies HP, Dell, ASUS, Acer and Lenovo which have already began producing accessories that allow 3D features. These accessories particularly the VR headsets are now available in the US at $299 per unit.

The Creators Update also introduced other exciting features such as the HoloLens. CNET mentioned that the HoloLens headset allows files created in 3D to be viewed as 3D holograms.

Another new feature is the Beam which allows gamers to broadcast their game using a webcam overlay. The updated Windows OS will also allow the user to see messages from apps such as Skype, SMS and email, on their desktop screen. These messages will appear as onscreen notifications which the user can then answer using the any app they choose.

Microsoft also has plans of developing an app for smartphones that can make 3D models of real-life objects just by waving the phone around an object. The resulting 3D graphic can then be posted on Facebook, added to a PowerPoint presentation, or shared online.

Microsoft continues to improve their OS and the new 3D features may give those who still prefer older Windows OS a reason to update to Windows 10 come 2017.

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