Take Two Interactive To Support The Nintendo Switch In The Long Run

By Ike Recio , Feb 09, 2017 08:24 AM EST

Some gamers may not be familiar with Take Two Interactive, but they're the company that owns developers like 2K Games and Rockstar. With all the hype building around the release of the Nintendo Switch, Take Two has taken the time to comment on the console, and they are said to be providing support for the Switch in the long run.

"Supporting It Long Form"

According to Nintendo Today, Take-Two's head Strauss Zelnick talks about Nintendo and the games they plan to make for the Switch. He says, "We're excited about Switch we're supporting Switch with NBA 2K18, we've said we're supporting it long form."

Zelnick also says that the company never counts Nintendo out whenever they decide to bring anything to the market. The Nintendo Switch is looking to shape things up by adding more third party games in its lineup, so it's a smart move for Take-Two to jump in on the Nintendo bandwagon early.

NBA 2K18 And Other Titles

Zelnick also expresses that, as of now, he can only announce the NBA title coming to the game, but it's sure that the developers have some other titles up their sleeve - they're just not ready to be announced yet.

Gaming Bolt notes that there have been rumors buzzing around about a remaster for L.A. Noire, and it's possible that the devs are working on a version that can be playable for the Nintendo Switch. This year will also mark the release of Red Dead Redemption 2. Hhopefully, the developers are also working on a version playable for the Switch when the game comes out in the fall of 2017.

One of the biggest concerns that gamers had with the Switch is that the console may not have a steady stream of games coming toward it after launch. News has come out, however, that multiple developers are working on about a hundred different titles for the console. Hopefully, the Switch doesn't flop like the Wii U when it gets released this coming March 3.

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