The Nintendo Switch Already Has 100 Games In Development

One of the biggest reasons why the Wii U was considered such a flop was because of the lack of games that were coming to the console. Nintendo looks to be very confident about the Nintendo Switch, however, and news has it that the console already has about 100 games in development coming from 70 different developers.

In a recent financial report for Nintendo's investors, it was confirmed that the company has seen an increase in third party game publishers, and each of them are working on several different games for the platform. During the original presentation for the Nintendo Switch, it was confirmed that the console had over 80 titles coming from 50 publishers, but the number has since grown, and a lot more people are getting excited for the Nintendo Switch, gamers and developers alike.

It looks like Nintendo is making a good move when it comes to offering support for third party games. According to Gaming Bolt, Wii U was considered to be a flop since it had poor support with first and third party titles. Though generally conservative in the beginning, Nintendo looks to be widening it's net, partnering up with studios like Bethesda and developing games for mobile devices like Pokemon GO and Super Mario Run.

Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime is actually pretty confident with the release of the Nintendo Switch because, for one, it looks like the marketing team has done a stellar job in communicating exactly what the device does to the public - a pro that the Wii U did not have. Other than that, the Nintendo Switch looks like it has a steady stream of games coming to it as the year rolls by. With PS4 and Xbox One currently dominating the console market, it's time for Nintendo to re-enter the ring as a viable console. The Nintendo Switch is set for a release this coming March 3.

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