Apple CEO Tim Cook's Career Advice: 'Don't Work For Money'

By Cameron , Feb 10, 2017 02:04 PM EST

Last Wednesday, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple delivered a message to a group of young college students at Scotland's University of Glasgow, where he was awarded an honorary degree. His speech was about not to pursue careers based on paychecks alone, but for something they are passionate about and is in the service of other people.

The Career And Life Advice

On his statement, he told the students, "Don't work for money." According to him, being driven by money will only wear people out fast or will never make enough which in the end will only leave people unhappy. Instead, it is better to find an intersection between what would be something that they are passionate about and at the same time is also something that is in the service of other people, because if not, they are never going to be happy in life.

The Apple CEO Being Thankful For Being Fortunate

After the ceremony, Cook joined the students for what the school dubbed as a "fireside chat." And while encouraging the students to find work that they are passionate about instead of pursuing a job purely for profit, the Apple CEO also acknowledge that he had been quite fortunate in landing in his career, which is not to mention has earned him around $8.5 million last year.

During a question and answer session, Cook also reiterated his opposition to Pres. Donald Trump's immigration policy. The Apple CEO reminded the audience that Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, who happens to be a son of a Syrian immigrant, and said that the ban had an immediate effect on the international tech times.

It was also mentioned that a number of Apple employees were initially denied of entry to the U.S. when the order (which has been temporarily halted by a legal battle), was first implemented. He believes that it is very important to speak out, because if people will stand and say nothing, it is as if they are agreeing and will become a part of it.

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