Resident Evil 7 Finally Surpassed 3 Million Worldwide Release

Resident Evil 7 has been officially launched last month. Apparently, the launching was a huge success considering that fans have given it a warm welcome. Currently, Capcom released the latest update regarding the game's worldwide shipments to market. The company revealed that Resident Evil 7 have now surpassed 3 million copies that have been shipped to retail. However, it is still unclear how many of these copies were actually sold.

According to the report from Attack of the Fanboy, Resident Evil 7 had shipped 2.5 million copies during its launch week. Meanwhile, despite having a solid number of sales, it is still a huge drop off compared to the other installments of the franchise. For instance, Resident Evil 5 shipped 4 million copies during its launch week, while Resident Evil 6 recorded 4.5 million shipments during the similar timeframe. However, the drop in Resident Evil 7's shipments may be credited to Resident Evil 6's poor reception, as well as the latest game not adding a multiplayer content.

Meanwhile, these sales drops were also deceptive during the game's launch in Japan, where it was seen that the game's launch numbers were drastically lower compared to the 5th and 6th entries in the franchise. However, it is worth noting that Resident Evil 7 had a lower budget compared to the past two entries. This is mainly caused by its single player-focused gameplay. As a result, it does not necessarily concern Capcom. On the other hand, the company previously stated their goal is to reach 4 million copies sold by the end of March. Apparently, if the pace keeps up, it is expected to end up somewhere around there.

Lastly, Resident Evil 7 recently launched the first batch of DLC entitled Banned Footage Vol.1. The latest DLC contains 3 new modes namely Bedroom, Nightmare and Ethan Must Die. It can be purchased individually for $10 or as a part of the game's Season Pass for $30. The DLC will be followed by a Vol.2 which can be purchased individually for $15. Resident Evil 7 is now available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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