Stress Coping Could Be Aided By Prebiotics

By Rodney Rafols , Feb 11, 2017 01:35 AM EST

Many are familiar with probiotics as it can help with digestion. Not too many though are familiar with prebiotics. Prebiotics might soon be needed as well. Stress coping can be aided by using prebiotics.

Probiotics has been known for years. This is especially good for digestion. Not too many are familiar with prebiotics though, and what they can do. Prebiotics are essentially non-digestible fibers that are used by probiotic bacteria. These fibers can already be found in many vegetables and plant-based food such as asparagus and oatmeal.

There are also prebiotics that are non-fiber, such as the ones found in breast milk. All of these can be beneficial as probiotic bacteria feed on prebiotics. By doing so, prebiotics can also help indirectly with digestion as well as give better sleep patterns. This has been found by the study made by Monika Fleshner, Ph.D. Fleshner is a professor from the University of Colorado Boulder and is working on prebiotics and how it can help with stress.

Dr. Agnieszka Mika, co-author of the study and a postdoctoral fellow, has said that stress can be disruptive for probiotic bacteria in the gut. A regular intake of prebiotics would help the probiotic bacteria in order to protect them from disruptions caused by stress. The study has done test on lab rats to see how prebiotics work.

The test on lab rats has been made in order to see if an increase in prebiotics can have any beneficial effect on probiotic bacteria, according to Science Daily. Lab rats were given prebiotic meal for several weeks before going through a stressful condition. They were compared to rats that were not given any prebiotic diet.

The tests have shown that rats on a prebiotic diet did not have any stress induced disruption and had better sleep patterns, as Medical Xpress reports. The next stage of the study would see if the same results can be made on humans. Dr. Mika has said that there are no indications that having prebiotics have any adverse effects.

Prebiotics could soon be part of one's diet as well. Stress coping can be aided by prebiotics. A study also shows that older people are going into living apart together relationships more often.

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