Horizon: Zero Dawn Released Two New Trailers Which Feature Behemoth And Stormbird

Guerrilla Games has recently officially released two new trailers for its forthcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn, an action-RPG. The PS4 exclusive game published by Sony Interactive Entertainment is based on a story that revolves around Aloy, an archer and a hunter. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world that is overrun by robots and the protagonist sets out to discover and explore the world around her.

With Horizon: Zero Dawn release date just a few weeks away, Guerrilla Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment have released the two new trailers seemingly to up the promotional hype of the new title release. The new Horizon: Zero Dawn trailers give players new details about the upcoming game.

The game’s developers have provided a close look and rundown of the two dinosaur-like machines known as Behemoth and Stormbird. Both Stormbird and Behemoth’s habitats, abilities and sizes are given coverage. The vulnerabilities were also revealed in the trailers. This information will assist gamers in taking down these two machines.

Stormbird is a combat-class machine that can take to the air and soar at high altitudes. It can swoop down on its prey and attack. As seen on the trailer, Stormbird is capable of fighting on land as well with a series of powerful attacks such as wing blasts, electrical discharges in the air that surrounds it, beak attacks and claw slashes.

The game’s other beast, Behemoth is no pushover either. It has the ability to charge its enemies. It can throw big objects at any perceived threats using its anti-gravity capabilities. It has grinding drills which it uses to break up big chunks of rocks and throw them when provoked. Behemoth is a transport machine and has a container that is housed in the beast’s stomach as reported by GameRant.

Behemoth lives in all types of terrains. Its combat weaponry includes Gravity Boulder Throw and Grinding Shrapnel Blasts. It can charge attack, quake smash and charging quake smash. Its special ability is Gravity Purge. A player can hit its cryo canisters to freeze the beast. The gravity generators are also one of its weak points. Players should aim for the hinges to release the cargo container.

Stormbird can be found in all terrains and open areas. Its weapons include Shock Blast, Shock Burst, Hurricane Blast and Thunder Bomb Run. In combat melee, Stormbird can do Tail Lashes, Jumping Claw Slash, Beak Smash and Thunder Rush. Players should aim for the engines that are located underneath each wing. Horizon: Zero Dawn players should aim to destroy the lightning gun as published by DualShockers.

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