Mass Effect: Andromeda News: No Paragon And Renegade Conversation Option; BioWare Explains Why

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s conversation will not have the typical Paragon and Renegade split that was found in the previous games of the franchise, allowing for a more natural response. It was revealed that the game’s dialogue trees will be based on agreeing and disagreeing.

In previous games, the paragon responses to a conversation were typically more selfless and more cooperative and are on the top segment. The middle segment represents a more neutral response. The renegade response is typically more aggressive and hostile and is located at the bottom segment of the conversation wheel.

BioWare has a number of reasons to not include the split dialogue in the latest Mass Effect game. Part of the reasons is that the old system was part of Shepard’s character. With the character of Shepard gone, it was felt by the game developers that change is needed.

Mac Walters, Mass Effect: Andromeda creative director, stated that what he liked about the way the dialogue is setup for the new game is that by basing the conversations on agreeing and disagreeing, the outcome changes depending on the NPC the player is talking to and the situation that the gamer is in. In the Mass Effect trilogy, when a player chooses to play Paragon, they know which way they are moving in the game and will stick to the Paragon conversation every time as published by vg 24/7.

According to Walters, the new system will feature four different tones of voice which will basically allow players to express themselves. There are four different ways and sometimes one of two different ways. Walters thinks that this system will get back to a more traditional role-playing game feel. The new Mass Effect: Andromeda system will be focused more on how the player wants to express themselves as opposed to having them choose between being good or bad, as reported by Game Spot.

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