Nintendo Switch: ARMS Fighting Game Released Two New Trailers

ARMS, Nintendo Switch’s fighting game released two new trailers which focused on the abilities and skills its characters which include Ribbon Girl, Spring Man and Mechinara. ARMS is one of the most promising game titles that Nintendo Switch announced.

The game pits characters with very stretchy arms against one another as they punch each other out by extending their very elastic limbs. The preview of the game reveals that the game has a cast of colorful characters and seems to be a lot of fun to many players who are very eager to lay their hands on the title. Nintendo seems to be pumping up the hype by releasing the two new ARMS trailers.

The two new trailers mainly focus on the abilities and skills of five different characters of the game. Ribbon Girl was shown to easily twirl around attacks staying out of the way of enemy onslaught. Spring Man can curve his arms around obstacles to hit his opponents even when they are hiding behind covers. Spring Man was shown to also have the ability to block attacks by shielding himself with an aura.

Ninjara has the ability to dash and turn into a plume of smoke. He also has the ability to pull opponents towards him which allows him to hit them with quick punches. Master Mummy is the typical tank character in ARMS. Although he is slow, he can take hits from opponents. His massive fists can deflect opponent’s attack as he throws punches as published by GameRant.

Mechanica is a rocket girl character. She has the ability to hover for a period of time and attack enemies from above. Mechanica does not stagger while taking hits from opponents’ attack, dashes, and jumps. ARMS is scheduled to be released in Spring of 2017 as reported by Siliconera.

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