Nioh Guide: How To Defeat All Bosses Using An Extremely Simple Method

By Alessia Amherst , Feb 13, 2017 04:10 AM EST

The action role-playing game "Nioh" boasts challenging battles and requires smart use of items and tactical positioning. However, there are some ways for players to exert less skill when up against the various bosses in the game.

Kill All "Nioh" Bosses Easily

To begin with, PowerPyx reports one easy way of decimating all the bosses in the game with a common technique. All players must do is use Soulstones to power up their living weapon and then spam Triangle+Circle. Furthermore, it is worth noting that this method works best with the spear for area of effect (AOE) damage. This is a very handy technique as using the living weapon makes the protagonist invulnerable to all attacks.

When the living weapon ends, players can just use another Soulstone for the same effect. Because of this, it is best to put the said item in the quick select item slot for easy access. Furthermore, players can also back up their save data before attempting to use the method in order to restore the Soulstones if they waste too much in battle.

In order to make the most out of this method, fans can follow a specific build. For attributes, it is best to have 30 body, 25 magic and 75 spirt. It is also important to use the onmyo magic skills "Pleiades Talisman" and "Extraction Talisman" so the living weapon will auto recharge after every hit. Equipping Sloth, Carnage, Weakness and Devigorate will also be a big help. Finally, using the guardian spirit Suzaku will grant the living weapon 25 percent more Amrita.

Another Method to Lessen Difficulty

Similarly, the Sloth Talisman alone will make the game much easier, as per Kotaku. This specific item will slow down enemy movements to the point where their attacks will be very easy to dodge. Because of this, players can easily rush in and counterattack without the fear of dying.

While using these techniques might make the game easier, some players might agree that playing "Nioh" with its standard difficulty makes the experience feel more rewarding. Nonetheless, each fan has their own preference when it comes to playing video games. Those who want to play the said title can buy the game for the PS4.

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