Educators Are Putting The Blame On Video Games And Social Medial For Behavior Problems In School

Kimberly Fifield, an elementary school teacher on the northeast Avalon, said that she observed children coming to class too tired to learn. The students come to class zonked after staying up late at night playing video games. Some students fall asleep in class, some are irritable and some would become agitated. The students are unable to focus on what the teacher is trying to teach them as a result.

Joe Santos, a high school teacher at northeast Avalon, stated that attendance rates went down after the release of a highly anticipated game as his students try to finish the game and will stay up all night to do so. Angela Wilmot, the school counselor at central Newfoundland, stated that the long hours spent playing these games can have an impact over time said. Some of these games are violent and graphic.

Wilmot stated that playing role playing war games for hours at a time every day will have an impact on how the brain works and how a person deals with anxiety and stress. Although a subject of debate, some studies suggest that excessive playing can lead to issues like anxiety, depression and attention deficit disorder. It is however unproven whether video games are causing the disorder or simply an outlet for kids with those disorders.

Wilmot also stated that video games could also be partially responsible for the language that the kids are using. Kids interact with adults in online matches in games like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto. Wilmot says that she is concerned that children are being exposed to vulgar language with those kinds of interactions, as reported by CBC News.

However, there are also studies that show the benefits of letting children play video games. Some studies have shown that playing video games increases hand-eye coordination skills, increases cognitive skills and other brain functions. It is however important to mind what kind of video games children should be allowed to play. Parents should be aware of what content video games have. Pick games that allow children to make strategies and complex decisions. It is also important that parents check the rating of the game before buying it, as published by Raise Smart Kids.

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