Valve: Three Full Virtual Reality Games Under Development

Gabe Newell, the founder of Valve, has recently confirmed that the company is working on three new games for Virtual Reality. This time, the company is not just developing little experiments. According to Newell, Valve is now developing three full games.

Newell explained why Valve returned to video game development. Valve is now in the position to develop software and hardware simultaneously now that HTC Vive is on the market. Just like the gaming giant Nintendo, this gives the Valve an advantage over other typical game development studios.

Newell further explained that this is something that Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto always had. Miyamoto was able to think about what the input device is and then design the games. He states that the company feels that this will enable them to provide people with better entertainment experiences.

With Valve's involvement in the development of games for the VR platform, it will help push Virtual Reality by persuading other game developers to move in this direction. VR needs new tailored games in order for it thrive. Valve has much to gain with the success of VR as they are invested both in hardware like the Vive and software distribution like Steam as reported by Engadget.

Newell also stated that although hardware improvements will come in the next couple of years, the price decreases are not likely. VR is primarily aimed at a niche market of players with powerful computers. Newell said that microchip companies should also get more involved in marketing virtual reality as they are also major beneficiaries of the technology.

It was also revealed by Valve that Steam has reported an 86 percent growth in VR gamers in terms of monthly active users. This was as of the second half of last year. So far, 30 Virtual Reality apps have made over $250,000 in Steam earnings as published by Polygon.

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