Rihanna And Her Flashy Flask At The Grammys

During the Annual Grammy Awards, viewers would always need to watch out for nominees, winners, performers and specially stars strutting their stuff on the red carpet.

Rihanna Drinking On Her Bejeweled Flask During The Grammys

Famous pop star Rihanna also known to some as "Riri" was also spotted during the prestigious event. On her hand was a sparkly flask which has made headlines. A Year Ago, it was Leonardo DiCaprio and his vape pen on the SAG Awards who have conquered the scene as Leo cannot take his hands away from his vape pen.

Rihanna Enjoys The Grammys With Her Now Equally Talked About Flask

During the show, Riri was initially panned by the camera holding her bejeweled flask. Afterwards, Rihanna was spotted mouthing out "I think it's time for a shot." Tweets about the flask and Rihanna immediately came after the cameo appearance of the now equally talked about stuff.

According to one tweet, "@rihanna's flask is the luckiest inanimate object ever to grace this planet we call Earth. #grammys" and another one with "Rihanna is killing me with this flask. She is all of us."

One Twitter user also declared his amazement for Rihanna and her "diamond encrusted flask" stating that sippin' from the flask is what life is all about.

According to fans, this is the main reason why they love the "party lover" pop star so much. It is because she embodies fun and adventure although no one really dared to know what is inside the stylish flask. According to some, it could be vodka, wine, whiskey or just maybe plain diet coke but then, whatever it is that's inside the flask, doesn't really matter as long as it helps the star get through the night delightfully.

On the latter part of the three-hour event, Rihanna who also happens to have eight nominations, was then seen enjoying the night. Rihanna was seen on camera with her phone on her hand (obviously having a blast!) and seemed to be FaceTiming, One Fan tweeted afterwards confirming the latter stating, "Rihanna is on FaceTime at the Grammys, I love this woman so much"

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