PS3: Download Games Remotely With Firmware 4.41 Feature

By Hilda Scott , Apr 26, 2013 01:27 PM EDT

Thanks to a recent firmware update, the Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) store now lets you remote download game, TV or movie titles to your PS3, PSP or PS Vita. Downloaded titles go into a queue and will start downloading automatically when you turn on your console. This new feature also works under the remote play feature of the PSP and PS Vita handhelds too, so if you are away from home, you can boot up and start your downloads.

The titles will be in queue and downloads begin within a few minutes of booting up the PS3, PSP or PS Vita. Prior to this update, only manual downloads were possible. This way of downloading is new to PS3, but Xbox users will tell you they already have this feature.

The PS3 got a mandatory firmware update Thursday to the latest firmware, version 4.41, that was supposed to just be a minor tweak. According to PSN, it was a "minor" update that would "improve system stability." This didn't seem unordinary to PS3 owners; these updates occur rather frequently.

Reports said Sony was supposed to turn on the remote download feature next month, but it appears the company decided to let PS3 users have the hidden feature early. Gamers can now visit the online SEN store, choose titles and have them ready and waiting to download when they turn on their gaming unit. The SEN store has a variety of games, TV shows and Blu-ray movie titles to choose from.

Check out the video below from PSN Stores to see how it works:

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