'House Of Cards' Season 5: Patricia Clarkson, Campbell Scott And Returning Characters To Antagonize Frank Underwood?

By Donna Marie Lapena Padua , Feb 14, 2017 07:29 AM EST

"House of Cards" season 5 is still a couple of months away from its release, and updates about the show is still slow to come by. However, a few teasers were released about the new installment, and just recently, photos of Patricia Clarkson, Campbell Scott and Joel Kinnaman on set gave fans a hint of which side they are in.

The photo teasers of the "House of Cards" season 5 production have recently been leaked online, and the two new characters plus a returning cast are the ones featured. The images show two newcomers, Clarkson and Scott along with Kinnaman who played in the previous seasons as the Governor of New York, Will Conway.

Clarkson can be seen in the photos meeting with the first lady, Claire Underwood, in the White House. There are speculations that the two are formulating a plan that can take Frank Underwood down in the next election. It can be recalled, that Claire was asked by Frank to run as his vice president. There are rumors though surfacing, claiming that Claire will go against her husband in her pursuit of the presidential seat. Following these speculations, fans then are fast to assume that Clarkson's character will connive with the first lady, and kill Frank as soon as she wins the vice presidency.

As for Scott, the pictures show a rendezvous between his yet unrevealed character and Conway. It can be recalled that Conway served as the Republican nominee for the presidency. Being an opponent to Frank in season 4, he is again set to put pressure on Frank in an upcoming election. Fans then are theorizing that Scott's character and Conway will form an alliance to take down Frank during the election.

Following these actors' supposed participation in "House of Cards" season 5, Frank might have a tough time guarding his presidential position. Some followers believe that he will either lose his political seat or even his life to these characters in the upcoming new season. It can also be recalled that Michael Kelly confessed that a character will be leaving the show, and with the past indications on Frank's health and safety, the fandom is guessing that it will be the president who will meet his demise on "House of Cards" season 5.

The new creators of the show though are still tight-lipped about the true plot of the fifth installment, hence fans might have to wait a little longer before they witness the real course of events of the series. "House of Cards" season 5 is set to return on Netflix on May 30.

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