North Korea-Linked Sony Hackers Might Be Behind Cyber Strikes Against Global Banks

Security researches believe that North Korea-related Sony hackers Lazarus might be the group behind recent cyber strikes that has been taken against global banks and financial institutions across 31 nations in the world -including the theft of $81 million on Bangladesh, and other operations in the U.S. and Sweden-, which clearly represent a huge threat that authorities are trying to solve.

The Source Of The Attack Cold Have Been A Polish Bank

What seems to be a concerning situation is that even when the Sony hackers Lazarus could have employed the famous "watering hole" technique to infect predetermined targets with previously unknown strains of any kind of malware, investigators are yet to find evidence of the cyber strikes having led to thefts from banks or financial institutions. Apparently, the source of the strike could have been the website of a Polish bank, which was compromised by the cyber criminals who used this technique to redirect the visitors to an exploit kit, which infected specific targets with malware.

Regarding this situation, security researches at BAE Systems and Symantec explained that the malware used in the strikes shares some coding similarities with the one that was previously used by Sony hackers Lazarus. In fact, technical director of Symantec´s Security Technology and Response division Eric Chien, told that this group has expanded its actions around the world, since they were mainly focused on targeting Asian organizations, but never the U.S. or even Europe.

The Sony Hackers Lazarus Also Made Operations In Latin America

Actually, what´s even more concerning about this situation is that in addition to the banks and financial institutions, there has been a small number of telecommunications and internet firms that have also been targeted by the Sony hackers Lazarus´ malware scheme. Believe it or not, even when the main nations that have received these attacks have been Poland and the U.S., this group has also made its operations in Central and South America.

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