Samsung Galaxy S4 Rugged Model To Arrive In July

By Sumit Passary , Apr 27, 2013 11:41 AM EDT

Samsung's recently launched Galaxy S4 has started to get in the hands of millions of customers worldwide. Now rumors suggest that the Galaxy S4 will also be available in a rugged form as soon as July this year, which will be dust-proof and waterproof.

It's not been long since the company revealed the Galaxy S4 but the rumors of the handset have been surfacing in the smartphone space for a long time.

Sony launched its flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z, which is IP55/57 certified, meaning that the handset is both dust proof and waterproof. Many customers who frequently use their handsets outdoors and are worried about the occasional spills will not want to take a risk with their new Galaxy S4, as the handset is neither dust or water resistant.

However, a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report indicates that Galaxy S4 lovers may not have to wait long to get the dust-proof and waterproof variant of the handset as the company plans to release it in July.

"The company in July also plans to launch a more rugged version of its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S 4. The new phone, tentatively called the Galaxy S 4 Active, will be waterproof and dust proof, but Samsung is aiming to maintain the look and feel of the S 4, according to this person," reports WSJ.

The Galaxy S4 is one of the most-wanted Android smartphones of 2013 so far but the handset is not dust or water resistant. Many smartphone enthusiasts would have hoped for these features to be included in the handset, and now it looks like they'll get it.

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