NBA Trade Rumors, News: Kevin Love Out Of Action For Six Weeks; Toronto Raptors Intent On Getting Paul Millsap?

This is not a good news to Kevin Love fans. It seems like their hero will not be seeing action for the next six weeks. That would mean the Cleveland Cavaliers will not be able to use his services for their most important last few games of the current NBA season as they try to reach the playoffs. This situation has sparked a lot of NBA trade rumors that the Cavs need to move on from here.

Love Has Undergone Knee Surgery

Love has been sidelined for a number of Cleveland's matches because he is still nursing his injury that prompted the rise of these NBA trade rumors. He has recently undergone arthroscopic surgery on his left knee which is the reason for his forced hiatus from the Cavs. Two options are open for the Cavs, according to a poll conducted by ESPN.

The first option for the Cavs is to wait for his recovery. This has gathered 36 percent of the votes. The Cavs could also think seriously about getting Carmelo Anthony. About 32 percent of those polled think this their best recourse. For as long as the Cavs waiver between these two options, these NBA trade rumors will not stop.

The Raptors Will Keep Millsap Dispelling NBA Trade Rumors

There are also NBA trade rumors indicating that the Toronto Raptors are intent on getting Paul Millsap. But there is one thing that seems to scuttle their efforts. The Atlanta Hawks have suddenly changed their minds with regards to trading Millsap to other NBA teams. This situation is now a big problem to the Raptors.

ESPN's Marc Stein has reported that the Atlanta Hawks are adamant in keeping Millsap in their ranks despite the January 2017 trade deal that sent Kyle Korver to the Cleveland Cavaliers. This is contrary to what some NBA trade rumors have suggested previously that the Hawks are putting Millsap on their trading block. But the Hawks said they will keep Millsap whether the other teams believe them or not.

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