Apocalypse Now Video Game Seeks $5 Million In New Crowdfunding Channel

The developers of the video game Apocalypse Now are asking for about four years and a budget of $5 million to create a high quality experience based on the film. The developers have opened a second crowdfunding channel to try and reel in that money. The original $900,000 Kickstarter which is currently just under $175,000 will remain open.

Montgomery Markland, game director, says that all backers of the original Kickstarter will be honored if it is successful. If it is not, backers will be moved to the Apocalypse Now website where the campaign will go live. He states that this was always the plan for the game which he thinks will take four years to accomplish.

Markland states that a video game that is authentic to the motion picture cannot be made possible without sufficient budget. He says that an AAA title will require a long time crowndfunding plantform. He also stated that the team wants to entertain the community.

Markland says that the company is going back to telling stories around a campfire. The goal of the website is not just for raising money for the development of the game. It is also to connect with the community in such a way that allows people to influence the development of the game, as reported by Polygon.

In the latest check, the new funding campaign already has $31,000 coming from 71 pledges. The website will feature real-time updates on the project by way of livestreams and written posts. Backers of the project will receive premium access where they can communicate directly with the developers. By giving $25 or more to the project, a backer will get a copy of the game which is tentatively scheduled to be released sometime in 2020.

Apocalypse Now game project is headed by a number of game veterans. Markland who is the game director for the project has worked on Wasteland 2 and Torment: Tides of Numenera. Rob Auten who has written for games like Battlefield, Far Cry, Tom Clancy games and Gears of War is also working on the project. Josh Sawyer, the design director at Obsidian Entertainment, is special adviser and is collaborating with the team, as published by GameSpot.

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