Destiny Latest Update Goes Live; Patch Notes Released

Hotfix Destiny’s newest update is now live on PS4 and Xbox One. Bungie has provided an overview of what to expect during a stream last week previewing ability balancing and weapons. The patch notes detail how shotguns have been nerfed.

Shotguns do not deal precision damage, while mid-air shotguns are less accurate and have less magnetism when fired from the hips. There are tweaks to pulse rifles, auto rifles, hand cannons and scout rifles too. Exotics like the Young Wolf’s Howl and Truth have seen some changes also. Howling Flames cost five ammo instead of 10 and Truth’s magazine size is reduced from three to one.

Players now start crucible matches with special weapon ammo. These ammos are dropped when a player dies unless the player is using a sidearm. Special ammo and crates now respawn every 60 seconds. Rounds now lasts 90 seconds in any Elimination mode and Special ammo is only provided at the start of the first round.

Other Destiny updates include Throwing Knife dealing solar damage, Titans lose the ability to use Juggernaut in mid-air and Blink disabling your radar and HUD for a brief moment.

Josh Hamrick, sandbox designer, says that they will be watching closely and listening to what players say about the changes. He says that while they expect to do more additional tweaks, they are interested to see how these changes play out.

Hamrick states that the team is relying on the gamers to give them feedback as the players grow accustomed to the feel of the game. The team will also be with the players in game, playing along and taking down notes. The small update is now available for download, as reported by GameSpot.

Destiny layers should also note that aim assist for shotguns when firing from the hips are now disabled. Bungie seems to be pushing players to use aimed down sights (ADS) more than the hip fire. Although precision damage for shotguns have been removed, it does not apply to two exotic weapons - The Chaperone and Universal Remote. Also, shotguns’ base damage buff has been increased by 20 percent, as published by Enstars.

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