‘The Flash' Season 3 Spoilers: Grodd Is Back With Another Gorilla

By Dez Bryant , Feb 16, 2017 04:10 AM EST

When Season 3 started, there were questions about certain characters going back to the show. Some might return through Flashpoint and some might return by brute force. Well, guess who’s back, Grodd the Gorilla.

Grodd Is Back

Remember the last time when this gorilla took the city by storm? Apparently, Grodd has some unfinished business with The Flash and his crew. Although it is not stated clearly on what Grodd really wants, it is evident in the picture that he still considered The Flash as his enemy. Some might forget Grodd and a short recap is a must. Well, Grodd is a gorilla with special abilities. A telepathic ape with anger issues. Cisco learned the hard way not to play with an immovable force.

Welcome To The Jungle

So what is the reason behind Team Flash going back to the Gorilla City? Well, somebody kidnapped Wells and they have to rescue him as soon as possible. There was a moment on the clip when Barry was so hesitant to tell Julian about them visiting the planet of the apes or the Gorilla city as per Barry. However, Julian was not fooling around,(although he is in a full Indiana Jones outfit), as he carries a gun for protection.

Solovar Make His Debut

The Flash thought that it would be an easy ride but upon arriving at the jungle, they were greeted by an offensive force. The team was not prepared for the surprise attack that happened. And as for the Gorilla who captured Wells? It is none other than their leader, Solovar. Solovar is often described as brutal but with a beautiful mind. Does he have another plan in mind aside from capturing Wells? Will Grodd help Team Flash? Will Team Flash Trust the irate gorilla? These are some of the questions that will be answered in the 2 episode event for the Gorilla City.

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