Men Get Depressed When Partner Is Pregnant

By Rodney Rafols , Feb 16, 2017 03:20 AM EST

Depression can hit people in different ways. Causes for depression can be different as well. Men are depressed when their partner is pregnant, as a study reports.

Men who are depressed when their partner is pregnant are those that are already stressed, or else are in poor health. Postnatal depression syndrome (PDS) isn't just experienced by women. Men also experience this. Aside from PDS, men also suffer from antenatal depression syndrome (ADS).

What women experience, men might also experience while the partner is pregnant. This experience might come during pregnancy or else until nine months after pregnancy. 3,523 men have been evaluated while their partners were in their third trimester of pregnancy, and then again nine months after the pregnancy. Average age of the men studied was 33 years of age.

Leading the study is Lisa Underwood, Ph.D. from the University of Auckland. The study has revealed that 2.3 percent of the fathers had elevated ADS. 4.3 percent of the men had elevated PDS nine months after the pregnancy.

Causes of the ADS and PDS might include poor health and stress. Other factors might be relationship issues, unemployment and people having a history of depression. PDS symptoms might include loss of appetite, insomnia and fatigue.

The study has some limitations, such as that it has not been able to monitor men in the first and second trimester, according to The Jama Network. The study has also not been able to monitor men shortly after the child has been born. PDS might be experienced by women a few days after the child has been born.

Paternal depression can affect the child, as explained by Underwood. Awareness should be increased about the possibility of PDS even among men, as Science Daily reports. Earlier treatment would help men to adjust to the situation.

Depression can be experienced by men while their partner is pregnant. Men are depressed when their partner is pregnant. A study finds that untreated water can make kids sick.

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