Lower Stress Hormone Found In Married Couples

Marriage brings with it stress as well. Family life can have much stress. Still, a study says that lower stress hormone is found in married couples.

The study has found that married people have lower stress hormone. This is compared to those who are single, widowed or divorced. Marriage can have an impact on health in many ways, and in this way the effect has been positive.

The study has been made by researchers from the Carnegie Mellon University. The study has found that the stress hormone cortisol is lower in married people than in others. The study is said to have confirmed the belief that married people face less psychological stress than other people.

The study shows that married people are not subjected to long periods of stress. Long periods of stress can increase cortisol. A large level of cortisol can affect the way the body handles inflammation. If the body cannot handle inflammation properly, it could potentially lead to diseases.

Brian Chin is a Ph.D. student from the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences who is taking up Psychology. He has said that the study shows how relationships can have an effect on health. For the study, researchers collected saliva samples from 572 adults ranging from 21-55 years old. The collection was done in three consecutive days, according to the Carnegie Mellon University site.

The samples were then tested for cortisol. The results found that married people had lower cortisol levels. This is in comparison to people who are single as well as divorced and widowed people, as Science Daily reports. Cortisol rhythm has also been monitored, and married people are shown to have cortisol levels go down quickly in a day.

Cortisol has been shown to be higher in people who have heart disease and cancer. Having lower cortisol levels mean that chances of heart disease and cancer could be lower. Lower stress hormone has been found in married couples. Cancer treatment might also become personalized in the future.

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