Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan Sends Sweet Message To Fans Who Demand For Valentine's Content

By Alessia Amherst , Feb 16, 2017 04:40 AM EST

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan sends a message to fans who have been begging for Valentine's Day update despite Blizzard's previous statement. On the other hand, the studio has announced that the third competitive season is ending soon.

Jeff Kaplan Responds on Game's Forum

Not too long ago, some data miners were able to dig up some voice lines hinting at something between Genji and Mercy but it has yet to be included in the game. In line with this, Blizzard already announced that the first-person shooter would not be getting a Valentine's Day and Easter-themed event. However, it seems like this did not stop several fans from begging the studio to release something for the holiday.

It didn't take long for netizens to swarm game's official forum to request for content for the special day. Luckily, PCGamesN reports that director Jeff Kaplan decided to answer and entertain the said fans. In response to the various requests, he said, "Here... I made you this: <3."

Current Overwatch Competitive Season Ending Soon

On a more serious note, Blizzard has shared the details regarding the end of the current competitive season, as per PVP Live. In the game's official forum, community manager Lylirra explained that those who finished their placement matches will get a special spray and a player icon regardless of their rank. Additionally, Blizzard will also reward with competitive points (CP) that they can use to buy golden weapons.

Although, it is worth noting that the number of CP they earn depends on their current rank. Bronze rank will earn 100, Silver rank will earn 200, Gold rank will earn 400, Platinum rank will earn 800, Diamond rank will earn 1200, Master rank will earn 2000 and Grandmaster rank will earn 3000 (enough to buy one golden weapon). Those who want to earn more points should rank up before the current Overwatch competitive season ends.

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