Overwatch News: Season 3 Has An Official End Date

By Shayne Caravana , Feb 16, 2017 09:10 AM EST

Players who play Overwatch know that the game has seasons. Finally, season three will be ending soon. However, players are asking what will happen to their placement matches and what will they receive once the third season is over.

Overwatch's Season 3 Is Ending

Blizzard announced that the third season of Overwatch will be ending on February 21 at exactly 4:00 p.m. on the East Coast and February 22 at 12 midnight on the West Coast, according to Destructoid. During the season, the competitive placement matches occurred and players competed to be on the top spot.

As for Overwatch season 4, it has been reported that it will come out on March 1. Also, Public Testing Realm will be launched during the start of the fourth season.

Players can expect some changes in the upcoming fourth season of Overwatch including Bastion. However, no major changes have been noted for Roadhog and his hook.

Placement Matches' Rewards In Overwatch

Only those players who participated and completed in the matches can receive special spray and player icon, as per PVP Live. Players will be able to access those rewards once they have logged into their account after the third season ends. For those who belong to top 500 players, they can get 500 icons and animated spray.

If the players have reached Bronze place, they will automatically receive 100 competitive points. For the Silver place, they will get 200 points. Gold players will be receiving 400 and Platinum ranks will be getting 800 points. Diamond players have 1200, Masters can get 2000 and Grandmasters will have 3000 points.

Hopefully, players will be able to maximize Overwatch's season three before it officially ends. They can still increase their chances in winning the placement matches and receive the rewards offered by Blizzard that can be used in the future.

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