Overwatch News: Blizzard Defends Loot Box Drop Rates

By Shayne Caravana , Feb 15, 2017 02:25 PM EST

Players are commenting about the latest event in Overwatch, Year of the Rooster, because of the loot boxes are not giving them enough rewards. However, Blizzard said that the drop rates are still the same and nothing has changed.

Players Are Not Happy In Overwatch's Loot Boxes

During the Year of the Rooster event in Overwatch, players are happy because of the loot boxes. But they have observed that Blizzard did not give enough boxes during the past months, according to Kotaku. Also, they have noticed that the skin drops have been decreased.

Some of the players need 10 loot boxes before getting legendary skins, while one player needs to buy 15 boxes in order to get what they want in Overwatch.

Jeff Kaplan, director of Overwatch, answered the comments of the players and explained that since the Summer Games, Halloween Terror, and Winter Wonderland last year, the game has the same drop rates in the Year of the Rooster Events right now.

Avail Loot Boxes In Year Of The Rooster Event

As per Gaming Bolt, the Chinese New Year event in Overwatch will end today. If players are disappointed on their loot boxes, they can still get some before Year of the Rooster event is finally over.

There is a chance that there will not be an upcoming event in Overwatch because Blizzard did not announce anything about it. It is known that loot boxes are only present whenever an event is happening in the game.

Kaplan confirms that nothing has changed since last year even if players are not satisfied with what they have received.

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