For Honor Guide: Everything About Reputation System

If the players want to level up in For Honor, then the mechanics are quite challenging. The game employs a Reputation system that allows the players to manipulate their enemies in order to get them back to level one.

Reputation System In For Honor

With For Honor's Reputation system, players can make their opponents go back to level one. According to VG247 , this system makes the game even more complicated, as players who decide to use that power will lose their feats that they have attained.

Gaining Reputation points means that they need to level up fast. In order to level up fast, the players need to follow orders. All they have to do is to check the menu and do some tasks. After completing the things in the list, then they can raise their levels faster.

However, in each reset, the players will get a Reputation point and it will be shown next to their names. That will signal how high their points are and will scare off their opponents. They will also have the opportunity to see the better gear drop depending on how many Reputation points they have.

Reputation And Rarity Drops Are Connected

As per Twinfinite, once the player is at Reputation 1, the rare level gear that they can get is colored blue. But players should not expect getting a drop often at that level because he must remember that his chances in getting better gears is when his level is higher.

If he reaches level five, then the rare level gear he can get is purple and that means it is a legendary gear. That gear is the highest loot any player can get. The players will not only be motivated in leveling up their reputation faster with the reset but also with the gears they can get.

Hopefully, players will be able to use their reputation wisely in For Honor because it will help them defeat their enemies faster. Also, their reputation level will get them the exciting items that they can use in the future.

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