Splash! Magikarp To Be Released On Mobile

By Hazel Wright , Feb 17, 2017 05:22 AM EST

Pokemon Company continues to dominate the mobile gaming world with their titles 'Pokemon GO' and 'Pokemon Duel.' With the release of the two games, the company has solidified their image and put the 'Pokemon' franchise up to the center stage to a much larger audience. With that success, the Pokemon Company would be releasing a new title called 'Splash! Magikarp' Adding another roster of games on their mobile lineup.

Magikarp Takes Center Stage

'Splash! Magikarp' will be Pokemon Company's latest game for smartphones. Not much is known yet about the title and its premise, but Gematsu did share a small information that was on the company's website.

The teaser is seen to be a portion of a newspaper with the headline about the game. The newspaper writes about the appearances of holes around a very peaceful town. With the mysterious holes very much looking like it is in a shape of a Magikarp.

In the paper, a man who claims to have discovered the hole shares his testimony. Verifying that an investigation about the cause of the holes is underway.

Magikarp is one of the most iconic Pokemon to have been created. It is first introduced in Generation I on the game 'Pokemon Red' as part of the original 151 Pokemon lineups. It is known amongst the fans as one of the most weakest Pokemon because all it ever does is to flop around. The Pokemon is also known for its signature move "Splash" that enables it to jump out of the water. Despite being weak, Magikarps can evolve to Gyarados, a much stronger Pokemon starting at level 20.

Splash! Magikarp Will Be Out On Spring In Japan

Aside from the small details on the teaser, it was also revealed by NicheGamer that the game would be developed by Japanese studio 'Select Button'. 'Splash Magikarp' will be available in Japan on all Android and IOS devices this Spring.

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