Street Fighter V Update: Has Kolin Already Been Buffed Before Release?

By Alessia Amherst , Feb 17, 2017 04:10 AM EST

Despite not having yet been released in Street Fighter V, it seems like Capcom has already brushed up Kolin's stats. Furthermore, the icy femme fatale is now on par with Laura in terms of vitality.

Kolin's Changes Before Her Big Debut in Street Fighter V

PVP Live reports that Kolin will have a grand total of 1000 health as Capcom is seemingly trying to break the mold for female characters in the game. Originally, the ladies would usually have lower stamina but make up for it in terms of stun value. Similarly, Cammy only has 900 health while Ibuki only has 950.

Kolin has a much higher advantage over Akuma who only has 875 points of health (giving him too much would make the character too overpowered). Because of this, she is now equal to Laura when it comes to health. Furthermore, her overall stats have been drastically changed from the original Stamina: 2, Power: 4, Mobility: 5, Technique: 2 and Range: 3.

Her updated chart shows that she has increased range but mobility and power have been nerfed. Naturally, players have taken to social media to express their thoughts about the recent changes. Overall, fans have a mixed reception towards the changes as some believe that Kolin might be a problem.

The Overall Feel of the Character

It seems like Capcom might have taken some information from their recent exhibition to make any necessary changes before her release. Pro gamer Circa LPN expressed that he feels confident about the character but she needs more work on her counters. Between Laura and Kolin, he claimed that they both have different types of pressure.

Moreover, he believes that Kolin might have some trouble against characters who can keep her at bay. Nevertheless, the character seems like a strong contender for the upcoming season. According to HolyFragger, she will be joining the main game on Feb. 28.

Fans will have to wait a little longer to see the various techniques and surprises Kolin will bring to Street Fighter V. The character will also be getting her own story mode that will seemingly explain who she is and her role in the game's universe. Moreover, Kolin will also be getting her own set of costumes with one of them being her original suit in Street Fighter III: New Generation.

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